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Rental Costume

This simplistic costume is made using the highest quality materials available.  No visible zippers or seams.  Generic fit suit that will fit your talent.  The fur body suit stretches, so it will fit almost anyone!  Silicone pull-over mask, so getting in & out is quick and easy.  Available to rent for film production & events.  *requires a staff Dresser/Makeup artist at additional cost.

Custom Costumes

If our rental costume isn't quite what your looking for...We also do custom costumes to fit your needs.  Including full facial Prosthetics - Custom colored fur - Muscle suits - Contact lenses.  


We have done countless "Bigfoot" jobs, making us the most experienced out there.  Movies, Commercials, Ad Campaigns, Photoshoots, Events...you name it we've done it.

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Do you want me at your events? Do you want to collaborate on a project? Everyone loves Bigfoot, so let's talk! 

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Realistic Bigfoot Costume